About Us

500Rai Resort is located on Ratchaprabha Dam (Chiew-Larn Lake) , the largest reservoir in Southern Thailand, formed when the Saeng River was dammed in 1985.

We are surrounded by the jungles and mountains of Khao Sok National Park. With the perfect combination of Thai hospitality and international luxury, we combine the best in comfort, elegant design, and the heart of nature. Eco-friendliness is at the heart of our operation, and we care for the lake through sustainable waste management, water treatment systems, and supporting local fishermen. Couples, families, and all those who appreciate nature will find a home here, and our caring staff look forward to welcoming you to 500Rai.

Dont forget to check tents for bad weather from our partners!



“Humans and nature are interrelated and cannot be separated fro m one another”.

Wastewater System

Our wastewater management system ensures safe removal and disposal of grey- and black-water at our resort.


At 500Rai we believe we offer the best experience. Why? The panoramic views, the wide, calm inlet where our resort is perched, the nearby picturesque cliffs, the drifting mists, and views of the starry night sky from each room.


We are excellently located for those who love to adventure! There are a variety of experiences available for the interested guest, both at the resort and in the surrounding waters and valleys. For example, you can cool down at the nearby waterfall, hike to the viewpoint, travel to one of the lake’s caves, hop on your boat to spot for wild bull, marvel at the sun setting over the green hills, visit a fishing village, paddle around on a kayak, swim in our private pool. You’ll receive the best support from our very own guides and boat drivers to make your trip special.

Our Service

The impeccable care provided by our lovely local staff shows our attention to detail and providing excellent training in hospitality. You and your group will find twice the amount of service, support, and privacy you would find elsewhere on the lake. We offer licensed and registered transfer services from Surat Thani Airport 3 times a day.

Ease of Mind, Thai Style Service

Each room includes your meals and other services. We emphasize service that reflects our cultures and values as Thai people, which ensures you’ll have a peaceful and relaxing visit.

Convenience and Comfort

All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, private bathrooms, 24 hour electricity and other amenities to provide a complete foundation of comfort for your stay.

Food and Beverage

We provide an abundance and variety Thai cuisine including local favorites and traditional classics. Those of you with more international palettes need not worry! Our chefs are happy to prepare Chinese and European dishes in addition to serving all styles of beverages.