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500 Rai is here to provide several activies in a place apart from the bustle of modern life – to immerse you in an environment that is clean, quiet, safe, and private. We believe that business, society and environment have to go hand in hand.

Sightseeing at Rajja Prabha Dam Viewpoint

Rajjaprabha Dam Also known as Cheow Lan Dam. The word “Cheow Lan” comes from the name of the rapids in the middle of the Cheow Lan river,which is from Khlong Saeng river. It’s the main river to store water in a reservoir water for the construction of the dam. The water in Cheow Lan river flows very fast and rapids, therefore called Kaeng Cheow Lan and called the dam barrier that stops or restricts the flow of water is Cheow Lan Dam. Cheow Lan Dam was called since the construction of the dam in 1982. When the dam was completed in 1987, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej gave a new name from Chiew Lan Dam to Ratchaprapha Dam which means Light of the kingdom. Therefore changed to Rajjaprabha Dam as we know today.

Khao Sam Klur, the landmark of Chiew Larn Lake

Khao Sam Klur is a small 3 hilltops Emerged from the water resembling Phan Bush also know as Guilin Thailand and considered to be symbol of the Ratchaprapa Dam. According the legend says, there are close friend of three young men travel together enter to this area and unable to find the way out. There are decided to build a village here and gave the name Khao Sam Klur according their number.

The other legends says relate to the sacred in the dam called Pho Ta Jong Dong shrine., which is believed that Khao Sam Klur is the point at tray of gifts from Pho Ta Jong Dong brought the dowry to ask the bride to marry with Yai Keaw and sink off then was three mountains similar three Phan Phum

Little Gui Lin

Little Gui Lin  is an area with a small limestone about 7-10 meters high? Surfaced about 10 rows from water. The nature created an alley between the tops of the mountains similar to the scenery of Guilin in China. Tourist who has not much time can hire a boat to come in this area for kayaking or swim in this area  called the Emerald Pool, which has a depth about 30 meters.

Pad Zian Waterfall

Cascading down from the mountain above, this remote jungle waterfall is easily accessible for all ages. Hike from the lake’s edge to a series of gentle waterfalls where you can swim and relax.

Available On July – November
Activity Duration 2 hours 30 minutes
Level of Difficulty Easy

Tarzan Viewpoint Hiking

Walk through dense forest and then along a ridge to reach a breath-taking viewpoint looking out over the reservoir and jungle below. Recommended for hikers with experienced and strength.

Available On All year round
Activity Duration 3 hours 30 minutes
Level of Difficulty Moderately strenuous, steep trail

Pa Ka Rang Cave / Coral Cave

500Rai’s most popular excursion starts with an easy 1.5km hike and then on to a bamboo raft for a trip to Coral Cave. Filled with spectacular formations, this cave is a joy to explore with your guide

Available On All year round
Activity Duration 3 hours 30 minutes
Level of Difficulty Easy

Nam Ta Lu Cave

Recommend for guests in good physical condition. This adventurous path takes you along the bank of a lovely forest a river, then through a cave, and finally back into the jungle where the river emerges from the cave.

Available On December – May
Activity Duration 4 hours
Level of Difficulty Can be difficult in dangerous depending on conditions

Canoe along Khlong Sok River

This tour is the best combination of adventures, refreshing and nature appreciation. It will take you to explore the area of Khaosok through Khlong Sok River. The local people will paddle the canoe and tell the story of their home, trees, stones, animals and mountains. Enjoy more on your trip by taking a life jacket and grab Tarzan rope jumping to the nature pool in the middle of forest.

Available On All-year round
Activity Duration 45 mins (Dry Season) – 1.5 hours (Green Season)
Level of Difficulty Easy

Khaosok Viewpoint

Khaosok Viewpoint is an activity that is given to all customers who staying at 500 Rai Farmhouse by taking the car out of the accommodation to experience with the viewpoint that can see the sea of mist in the morning and can take a commemorative photo together. After that proceed to entrance to Khao Sok National Park to breathe fresh air then return to the accommodation for breakfast.

Cooking Class

Learn how to cook the local dish instructed by our chef. Take each step of ingredient preparing, cutting, cooking, seasoning, and dressing. Have a warm moment together with your family in the moment magic of cooking time. Taste the well-cooked dish together afterward

Available On All-year round
Level of Difficulty Easy

Wandering at organic farm

The Organic Farm Tour will bring you to know the local Thai fruits, vegetables, herbs. Taste the fresh fruit harvesting by you in our fresh garden. Collect some vegetables and herbs and design to make your own herbal drink recipe. Try to bring some to our resort chef clean and prepare for you specially for your dinner!!

Available On All-year round
Activity Duration 1 hour / Each Tour
Level of Difficulty Easy

Morning Safari by long tail boat

This activity is free for all customers are staying at the 500 Rai raft  by cruise in the morning for give tourists the opportunity to experience the fresh air in the Chiew Lan lake and  way’s  life of wildlife that is active in the morning And was also able to take pictures of the sea view of the mist floating among mountains and water

Wildlife Sanctuary Safari by Long tail boat

This is a family activity you cannot miss! To appreciate the wild side of 500Rai, take a boat ride into Klong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the most abundant forests in the world, where you can see species including elephant, tapir, 3 kinds of monkey, and rare birds.

Available On All year round
Activity Duration 2 hours
Level of Difficulty Easy

Fishing village boat tour

Chiew Lan lak, once is the village and in the current is important areas for aquaculture from the Department of Fisheries that have been distributed in the lake such as Red tail carp, Giant catfish, Giant snake-head fish,Yellow mystus, Sand goby, Red tail mystus and River prawn.  Therefore, there are the local villagers group who used to live in Chiew Lan lake are start to building a raft And changed their career from gardening to fishermen.

Khaosok Walking Street

The Walking Street Tour will be the relax walking at the street leading to Khaosok National Park. Enjoy getting known the street with our local tour guide.

Available On All-year round
Activity Duration 1 hour / Each Tour
Level of Difficulty Easy

Visit local communities and experience new unseen places in Khaosok and Suratthani.

Visit local communities and experience new unseen places in Khaosok and Suratthani.

  • Suspension bridge and Heart-shaped mountain

Suspension bridge length 120 metres set in the beautiful scenic of river and mountains. You will see a heart-shaped mountain beside the bridge, this lovely scene is the point every tourists must bring their camera to capture it!

  • Ban Nam Rad Watershed Forest
  • Taste Local Food (Khao-Lham-Pla-York)
  • Khao Na Nai Luang Dharma Park
  • Bamboo rafting on crystal clear river
Available On All year round
Activity Duration All Day
Level of Difficulty Easy

Relaxing Massage

  • Traditional Thai Massage (60 minutes) 490 THB
  • Aromatherapy Massage (60minutes) 1,400 THB
  • Soothing Swedish Massage (60minutes) 1,400 THB.
  • Healing Thai Herbal Compress Massage (60 minutes) 990 THB.
  • Back, Neck and Shoulder Stress Reliever (45 minutes) 490 THB.
  • Foot Massage (60 minutes) 490 THB.
  • Pool Side Spa Fixes (30 minutes) 300 THB.
Available On All year round
Activity Duration Depends on the type of massage
Level of Difficulty Easy - Difficult

Rajja Prabha Dam Golf Course

One of the most beautiful golf courses in Thailand, carved from the dense jungle that prevails across much of the south. Rajjaprabha Dam Golf Course lies close to Khaosok National Park, where this dramatic 18-hole layout was constructed. With the beautiful scenery and challenging landscape, here is a must visit for golfers!

Hole : 18
Par : 72
Size : 7009Y

Available On All year round
Activity Duration All day
Level of Difficulty Easy - Difficult

Joined Van (URT Airport) One Way

One Way Join Van on Schedule to Chiewlarn Pier (500Rai Office) From Surat Thani Airport, 08.30 am., 09.30 am, and 13.00 pm. To Chiewlarn Lake (500Rai Office)
Activity Duration 1 hour

Joined Van (URT Airport) Round Trip

Round Trip Joined Van on Schedule From Surat Thani Airport; 08.30 am, 09.30 am, 13.00 pm. To Chiewlarn Pier (500Rai Office)
Activity Duration 1 hour