Cancellation Policies

  1. No show will be charge 100%.
  2. Cancellation made between 8 day(s) to 20 day(s) will be subject for flexible re-booking policy.
    1. Flexible re-booking policy – the resort will keep the existing payment for the canceled booking which the guest can use upfront for their next reservation.
    2. Guest are allowed to re-booked their reservation once only.
  3. Cancellation made between 0 day(s) to 7 day(s) will be subject for 100% charge for the whole period of reservation.
  4. This cancellation policy is only made to meet the (new normal) needs of the guest due to the corona-virus.

• Guest have to submit the request for cancellation thru email via [email protected] with a valid reason and supporting documents. For example, guest is experiencing a health issue. Please attached a Doctors certificate or similar.
• Cancellation process will start after the resort reply back with the confirmation of guest request.
• The guest should make their “New Reservation” 30 Days before the desire date of stay and will be depending on resorts availability.