Community & Environmental Initiatives

In my opinion, “Tourism” is the charming and magical word. Tourism provides happiness to everyone. Start from “service user” or “guest” to “service provider” or “us”. It is immortal word. Every time and every day, it creates new era, new event, and new life. And I have a dream; a dream to see the happiness of people in my hometown, a dream to see them living in good condition, a dream to see the supportive between entrepreneur and community. “Tourism” is a key; a real key to make my dream happen. With tourism, the process of inheritance will happen. Our nature, our culture, our way of life, our food, it will be pass from generation to generation. Any dimension which is Bantakhun; my hometown, will be preciously connected. It will bring road, hospital, water, electricity, school, people and happiness to every man. I should step and be a part to push it by myself to make it happen.


That is why SURAT INTER TOURS and 500 RAI were founded – to make good quality tangible tourism. We set the system of one stop service. We have talked, researched, and developed our product – day by day, night by night – together with our community in order to create tourism system to meet the aim as the model of sustainable tourism by local people who were born and living in this area.


So I, as a real local entrepreneur, would like to invite you; our honorable guest, to my hometown, to Surat Thani, to Khaosok national park, to Chiewlarn Lake, to Bantakhun – where you can find the real Thai way of life; where the real Thai Smile and way of life belong to.


And I promise that we will provide the true touching luxury experience which you cannot find anywhere else in the world.


Atirat Danphattharaworawat (Ble)

500 Rai Resorts and Tours